How the Energy Sector Works in NZ and What This Means for Businesses

Written by Reliance Marketing

The energy sector in New Zealand is privatised, which means customers have the ability to pick and choose which company they want to go with to get their power. Some of these private electricity providers include brands like Electric Kiwi, Trustpower, Powershop NZ, and Genesis Energy, to name a few.

In theory, a range of companies like these should result in lower prices for power across NZ. However, we have seen it become very common for customers to fall into the trap of paying more than they need to for their power if they’re not too careful. More often than not, small businesses seeking power from certain electricity providers will not have the necessary buying power to negotiate better prices for their power deals.

And this is where Reliance Utilities comes in.

By utilising the service of Reliance Utilities, customers effectively come together with thousands of others like themselves - Improving buyer power and creating the ability to receive better prices. As a service, Reliance Utilities harnesses this buying power and can effectively negotiate better deals with these power suppliers.

With years of experience and market knowledge, Reliance Utilities simply knows what works and what offers work better than others. A huge risk lies in trying to do this yourself. Many customers don’t understand the true importance of the terms and conditions when making a deal with a power supplier. We believe this is just as important as the price. Due to these terms and conditions being very material heavy (upwards of 80 pages), most people simply don’t have time to read through them, and this results in them making uninformed decisions - potentially losing more money than they need to.

All too often we see customers get locked into contracts that they have to pay for in the long run. When joining Reliance Utilities, you don’t need to worry about this. It’s part of our service to fully understand every term and condition from all of the power suppliers on the NZ market and then come back to you with the best deal. Not only does this save you money, but it saves you a vast amount of time and stress.

Our services have been proven, and we have seen average cost savings for customers to range from 5-20%, depending on a variety of factors such as energy consumption and location.

If you’re interested in finding out how much money you could save yourself - Upload your power bill now.

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